Female Fake Agents

female fake agents

Let’s get one thing straight about Thomas right now, this man can fuck! He’s not the prettiest, or cutest, piece of prey I’ve snared on my casting couch but he uses that cock of his like an artist uses his paintbrush, and what a masterpiece he produces. When he first sat down I didn’t really know what to make of him, he had done a few scenes for other agencies so I knew he had a little experience. I also knew he was dedicated as he’d lost a girlfriend for not wanting to give up his job. He sucked up the lies I told him like a Dyson hoover and I could tell I had him hooked. When I suggested that I should try him he seemed to have no problem, tho he did admit it was a little strange for a casting. I got him to see how it was a practical thing to do. By now I was wetter then a dolphins nose, so I got him to start eating my pussy. He did a good job, I could feel his tongue searching deep inside me as he licked and sucked me expertly. It was time to try his dick out and he mounted me there and then and began thrusting in and out like he had pistons in his hips. The guy had more stamina then the Duracell buddy and my orgasm hit me like a ton of pleasure waves when I rode him and I had to get off to recompose myself, my knees were weak and I had the leg shakes. He finished off in the spoon position and pumped his well earned seed all over my pussy lips. One of my best and longest castings with a guy that could fuck for gold in the recent Olympics, if only it was an event. I wish I could get him jobs.

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