female agent videos

Tiana seemed a very nice fun girl when she first walked into my office, and although I was a bit wary at first as she had been in the business before, she raised no objections to a full on casting. I have a penchant for the taste of 20 year old women’s pussy and I could tell with my sixth sense that this pussy was going to taste like a doughnut full of honey. I asked her if she’d ever tried a pussy massager and her reply was no. This always surprises me whenever I hear this answer, I usually have half the fridge going up me when I’m at home and a lot of these girls have never even tried a basic vibrator. Needless to say I soon turned it and her on. I gently probed around her beautiful pussy with it before having a taste. It was, as I’d imagined, delightful. Then I flipped her over and finger fucked her to an amazing orgasm as she played with the vibe on her clit. I was aching for a release now, this girl had turned me on so much, so I straddled her face and let her go at me with everything she had. I can’t believe she had never been with a girl before as she did an amazing job in bringing me to a heart pounding climax. Another great casting of free sex for me with a young beauty. But unfortunately it’s her career ladder that she’s fallen off this time, we’re not called female fake agent for nothing.

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