Female Agent Tube

female agent tube

The first thing I noticed about Kira when she walked into the office were her breasts. We’re talking pretty big tits here, if those things were brains she’d be a rocket scientist. She was a very pretty girl also with a nice ass and I knew then and there that I had to sample every inch of that glorious flesh. She had been in the business before but suffered an injury doing boy/girl work, I think a stray cock cracked the silicone in her mouth, so she had quit but she was now back and interested in girl/girl work. I explained to her about my agency and the cameras, then asked her to undress so I could do some photos. When she released her breasts from her bra they took my breath away, quite literally, they pushed all the oxygen out of the room. They looked stunning and she had some amazing body art in the form of tattoos on her back and shoulder. Her ass was very nice also, all in all a great figure. My pussy was getting as damp as a dolphins fin at this point so I sold her the spiel about the video audition guaranteeing her more lucrative work. She agreed after some debate and then I was kissing those lovely full lips, squirming on my seat as I got turned on. Her breasts were heavy and full in my hands, and felt good despite being fake. I soon had her on her back as I licked and fucked her pussy with a dildo. She was quite the moaner, her screams getting em hotter and hotter. After she climaxed we got in the 69 position and as she licked me to orgasm. After I climaxed I pushed my face into her pussy for one last gasp. An amazing casting with a beautiful woman.

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