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Ashley was a beautiful Russian doll who spoke very good English so there was no language barrier standing between me and her young, succulent pussy. She was a very good looking girl with a great complexion and a figure that was making my own pussy ache like a sore tooth. It was her first casting so I was confident she would be mine, even when she said she prefers boy/girl work to working with girls. Challenge accepted, I was going to turn this girl onto the joys of girls quicker then a viper on caffeine. So I played nice with her and made her laugh, got her to relax, all the while the thought of what her pussy was going to feel and taste like burning through my mind like a sexual bonfire. She thought it a little strange that she had to do a video with me but before long we w ere kissing and feeling each others bodies through our clothes. I started fingering her and before I knew it she was on all fours as I finger fucked her from behind and licked her tight balloon knot. She really got into it and started grabbing my hand and pumping it faster inside her. Her orgasm set my pussy twitching like a Mexican jumping bean and I was soon out of my clothes and my pussy was getting probed and licked by her admirable skills. I soon reached my climax and I pulled her head tight into my pussy so she could drink a deep draught of my juices.

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