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Tomas has a great body and was all man, even with his Michael Bolton haircut. He’s an auto mechanic and a biker so I was dribbling like a professional football player the more we talked. I had to get my hands on his body and his cock inside me. The more he talked the more I liked his style, he even got slightly shy when I asked him to remove his jeans. Tho he did have a cheek in asking me for money for the casting, I told him it was all about the future work he could get from me, which he bought easily enough. So we were on for a good fucking so I first made him eat my pussy, which he proved quite good at, licking my pussy like it was the dish of the day. Then he took me in doggy and fucked me very well indeed, I could feel his balls slapping my labia as he drove deeper and deeper into me, searching for my orgasm. I then took him into my mouth and I could taste myself all along his length. He then fucked me to orgasm in a variety of positions before dropping his seed on my ass cheeks. So all in all, a great casting, nice cock attached to a nice body, hopefully he won’t be too disappointed when I never call him back. Enjoy!

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